As we slowly approach the holiday break some people will need a few pick me ups here and there. And what a better way than a clutch remix from Jauz and Marshmello? For those who pay attention to the EDM world Marshmello and Jauz are soaring in popularity. Marshmello’s most recent popular remix was of Adele’s “Hello” is phenomenal, which we would highly recommend checking out. As for Jauz, he has done some impressive genre blending left and right. We have also included a few remixes of his below.

But without further ado, below is their recent remix of the famed track “Need You 100%” by Duke Dumont.

Below is a link to the Adele remix. You do have to follow him if you would like to download the track, but you can just click the link and listen.

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Posted by marshmello onĀ Sunday, December 6, 2015

And finally a very solid remix of one of my favorite rappers, Childish Gambino.

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