In December, we sat down with the amazingly fun folks over at Fried Magazine here in Denver, CO. Over a few drinks and a podcast we discussed anime, manga, and the crazy world of the anime industry itself. From recommendations to explanations, we attempted to cover it all (or at least as best as we could within 45 minutes).

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Check out the podcast right here.

Fried MagazineĀ is a publication out of Denver, dedicated to forming a community and supporting local artists. This particular podcast is from their Knots of Our Own Making series, in which, they interview and discuss ideas with artists, entrepreneurs and other intriguing individuals. Past subjects have been creating art, political topics (such as current events), and managing musicians.

Interested in getting involved with Fried or just want to read/listen to their past work? Check them out here, they areĀ an awesome place full of creative and open people.

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