Episode 13: The Banquet Begins

Gate is finally back! Thankfully the pacing and story all still seem to be in check with how things were left at the end of last season. In Gate episode 13 it appears we have more characters and more adversaries for Itami to face off against. The show is off to a great start and it still maintains a lot of the moments and key elements that make it great. It has the humor sprinkled throughout as well as the dark and serious tones. From the scene with (what I assume is) rape to the military showing off their strength, this season is going to be an interesting ride.

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This show doesn’t really sugarcoat things at times.

Although the show began with Itami’s crew preparing for the party with the senators, I wanted to skip ahead to the rape scene and introduction of a new adversary. After witnessing the intro we are all aware that the victim and the prince are going to be bigger parts to this arc of Gate. First and foremost we get a bit of insight into the personality of Prince Zolzal. And the first impression is that he isn’t a great person. He seems to be power hungry and with a temperament to match. Our first impression is that he will be one of the main villains of this arc. We know nothing about Tyuule at this point, however, we can’t do anything but empathize with her. I cannot imagine what would have happened to where she now has to endure this treatment but I am sure whatever it was, she doesn’t deserve what is done to her. That being said, I am very eager to see the development of these two characters and see where Gate will go from here.

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The party itself and the beginning of peace talks. With an expected outcome and telling from the intro we have met yet another new character. I get a feeling that her position and relation to her father and the senate will play a pretty integral role in the upcoming season. Just when when I thought we had hit all the typical cliches Gate had to go and drop a Tsundere into the mix (just for good measure). Though with this additional person to follow we should get a diverse groups of possible arcs.

Introducing the SDF to the capital was interesting to see, as they set up medical clinics and eliminated the local gangs. Now this isn’t uncharacteristic of them, but just curious that they chose now of all times to set all of this up instead of following peace talks with the capital first. And again we are treated to another new character and given that she is a lady of the night it is apparent this season is going to be rich in sexual undertones. We are reminded once again of the raw power the Japanese wield comparably to those within this new world. The utter destruction of the gang just goes to show how one little unit can wipe out an entire group of enemy combatants within this new world.

With the earth quake, negotiations may not go well for the group (as I assume they will be blamed for it) but we will see how things shake out in episode 14. At any rate the show still maintains silliness and I have high hopes for the upcoming season.

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The Banquet Begins Things are off to an expectibly exciting start in the latest arc of Gate. I am not sure where it will go with it, but it will definitely maintain its humor and moments of dark reality the whole way.
plot progression80
introduction of new characters80
Neglected to touch of the three female leads60
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