Back in the world of music, the artist Grimes released a new music video today to accompany her latest album, Art Angels. I will admit, Grimes isn’t for everyone but she is exceptionally brilliant and is definitely one of the individuals who manages to push the boundaries in terms of music. In doing so, deserves a significant amount of recognition. On top of being an exceptional producer, she is also a very vocal and strong independent individual. But I will touch on that later. For now, give some of her tunes a quick listen below.

Here is the newly released video “Kill v. Maim”

Grimes first piqued my interest back when I was working as a talent buyer within the music industry and a colleague and I stumbled across her as a possibility as an opener for a show that we were doing at the time. Although we didn’t end up booking her, I continued to get more and more intrigued with her sound and fierce personality. She has always been quite the vocal individual. My favorite aspect about her is her unwillingness to compromise in order to make it. In a post on her official Tumblr page, she vented her aggression with everything that she perceives is wrong with the music industry (of which I cannot say I disagree with). In that post, it made me realize the kind of person she is and how this personality it is personified and captured in her music. Which leads into why I was so excited for the Art Angels album. I couldn’t wait to hear all of this raw emotion captured in one album.

Originally, she had another album set up prior to Art Angels but ultimately abandoned it. At first, it was speculated that this was due to the negative fan reaction of her latest song “Go” at the time. Despite that, Grimes did state that the negative reaction wasn’t the real reason for abandoning the album and that she had other reasons. That post was back in March of 2015, with the promise of a new album, all we could do was wait.

art angels: album cover. music & video next week artwork by grimes

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And what we got in November was another crazy addition to the art pop and synthpop genre. It captured everything about her in a beautiful way.

To put the cherry on top of this the blood soaked ice cream sundae that is this album, her influences and artwork are also worth noting (sorry I know, but we are an anime site after all). She not only uses influences of Japanese composers and video game music¹, but her album art is inspired by anime and manga (in case that wasn’t obvious). Which in our opinions makes her that much more kick ass.

In short, you really need to check out Grimes as an artist and listen to the entirety of Art Angels. It may be a bit jarring for some, but I guarantee, it is certainly worth your time. Since this albums release, it has been on repeat in my car ever since.

Now, I really like “Go” as a track, so here is a link below. Enjoy 🙂

And “Oblivion” just for good measure.

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