While people in the United States are gearing up for the upcoming Superbowl 50 game between the Broncos and the Panthers, some people are getting ready for the 20th anniversary release of Pokémon! Well fortunately, both of these things have been married in one grand commercial. The commercial itself is to advertise for the upcoming HD remake bundles for the original series of games: Blue, Red, and Yellow. See the commercial below:

The commercial highlights all of the elements that we have come to love with the past 20 years Pokémon, it can be enjoyed by anyone and ignites our inherent competitive nature. With the series of motivational moments and with the tagline “Train On,” it is hard not to give in to the urge to dust off the old Gameboy and fire up Red or Blue version. Time to get train and get ready for the new games, new 3DS editions, and 2DS editions to be released.

For those who missed the original video announcement of the upcoming release, it can be viewed below:

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