Thanks to Redditor u/Koshue, today we were introduced into another method for creating your very own Dragon Balls. In an imgr album u/Koshue detailed the process he/she went through to craft the final product below:

dragon balls creation reddit koshue 1

Here is what he/she started with:

dragon balls creation reddit koshue 2

He/she also used the following video for help and some reference:

Finally, below is the full image folder on how they were made:

Dragon balls

It may take a while to get this all down. But for any true Dragon Ball fan, being able to craft your own by hand is something to be proud of. And at the very least, these are one of the few balls you can go around showing off in public without getting into legal trouble. So bravo u/Koshue, you have made us all proud.

Source: Reddit

Image: Source

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