Holy shit. Or should I say “it’s about time”? Either way, VRMMORPG that gives Sword Art Online its namesake is actually now in development! IBM Japan has undertaken the task of developing the namesake game from Reki Kawahara’s massively popular Sword Art Online. The project is currently going by the title Sword Art Online: The Beginning.

A trailer for the project has been released and is available to watch on the official site and the project’s YouTube page. Of course, you can just watch it right here:

To add to the excitement, IBM Japan is seeking 208 volunteers to alpha test Sword Art Online: The Beginning. (For all you that want to be a level above a Beater, now’s the time.) It seems like they’re promising to make it safe and ensuring that no one get stuck inside a game for over two years while their body slowly atrophies away. However, that same statement was likely made to players in the light novels, manga, and video games of the series. I expect you know how that went.

It seems like this may be another medium for IBM to showcase potential contributions cognitive computing could contribute to the future of the gaming industry, something akin to what they did with their Steins;Gate promotions. The participants will be chosen by lottery and will be invited to experience the project this March on the 18th and 20th, during which they will be scanned into a 3D format a be able to interact within a virtual space.

It’ll be interesting to see whether this experience can truly separate itself from other VR platforms like the Oculus Rift. No matter if you’re a fan of the series or not, if you’re a fan of gaming, this should be exciting.

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