For those who are new to the whole anime world and are looking for a great place to start, then imgr user lukeatlook┬áhas created the perfect guide for you. What makes this chart so great is the fact that is encompasses everything across several styles, story types, and tropes. Which, when you start can be a little overwhelming at first. One thing is certain though, we definitely agree with u/lukeatlook’s suggestions and think that if you are going to get into it, let the following chart be your guide.

anime guide bentobyte

For those that disagree and think that there are not enough older anime listed, u/lukeatlook has tackled this in his description:

Why did I list so many new series and so little old series? Three reasons. First, the footnote at the very bottom says “important”, not ‘best”. Popular new series are important because they exist in the anime fandom’s minds, cosplays, comments and gif reactions. This chart is meant to be a guide to the anime as it is at a very specific point in time. I expect it to outdate in a few years (unless I update it at least annually). Second – the “Seinfeld is Unfunny” syndrome. Some series have used or even invented the tropes that since then have been reused, recycled, mirrored, parodied and reforged to a point where the original seems repetitive and cliched to a newcomer. Third – the old (let’s define old as 4:3 and new as 16:9) animation is often uneasy on the eyes of those who come with the expectations of something similar to Avatar, Batman and Teen Titans. Sure, old anime often has better production values, but times change and tastes change with them. We the ’90s kids who grew up on DBZ, Sailor Moon and Pokemon are in out mid-20s now and the new generation, even though eager to hear what we have to say, doesn’t necessarily see the appeal of what we enjoyed (source: I teach kids 10 years younger than me, some of which are getting into anime).

So get your couch and netflix/hulu/crunchyroll/funimation account ready and get going!

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