Once again, we are going to take a moment away from our typical writing to go over some of the music and pop culture things we thin people should check out. This week, we want to show off the DJ due Bombs Away. Now every has obviously heard of the popular internet sensation “Damn Daniel” at this point. And more likely than not, you all have heard the remix done by Bombs Away. But if not, never fear, we have included it below:

Not only is this a fantastic remix of the pop culture trend it also exemplifies the current Melbourne bounce scene that is currently going on. With groups like Mashd N Kutcher (which is more of a mash group) and ……….. the current trend is to take ordinary effects, sounds, or vocal elements and create remixes of them. Nothing exemplifies this more than the Pizza Collaboration video Mashd N Kutcher put out a year ago in March.

This sparked a whole slew of remixes and sampling videos that are still prevalent today. Which is what leads us to Bombs Away. With remixes to of popular people such as Ronda Rousey, it is no wonder that this trend has taken off. We aren’t suggesting that every remix is gold, but they are (at the very least) fun. So check it out, and let us know what you think.

Before we go, for those who are into Melbourne bounce and have been following the astonishing progress of Donald Trump in the presidential race but are more on the fence of #MakeDonaldDrumfAgain then we highly recommend checking out their track below:

To top off the humor of the remix, then let the fact that they have received a cease and desist letter below add the cherry to this satire sundae of a track.

Damn Donald! Back at it again with the cease and desist!

Posted by Bombs Away onĀ Tuesday, March 1, 2016

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