TeddyLoid and DAOKO, the artists behind ME!ME!ME! and ME!ME!ME! CHRONIC, are set to collaborate again, this time with two more individuals in order go bring forth a stellar new video animation and song based on Project HAL. The duo are set to work with PALOW, a notable digital artist known for amazing mech designs, and Hibiki Yoshizaki, the video director behind ME!ME!ME! and GIRL.

The four are working together to create an original unit based on PROJECT HAL with the unit being designated as “Throne.No.11” according to the site. Some character design pictures are below. The website frequently mentions fate, wanting to change, and destiny.

A short preview video was posted to the main site, featuring a snippet of the song by TeddyLoid and Daoko while also showcasing Yoshizaki’s video direction and PALOW’s character design. You can watch the preview video below, but be sure to keep an eye out on the main site for more news as well as when the video itself will be released. Until then, viewers can do as the website requests and “carve out your destiny” and “visit 15 seconds of fate!”



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