Today, Sentai Filmworks announced that they have acquired the license for the Spring 2016 anime Flying Witch. This means, that although Flying Witch has already begun airing on Crunchyroll, Sentai Filmworks will be doing a digital release and the anime (as soon as it is finished) will be available on home video.

The anime series, which is based off the manga of the same name, is written by Chihiro Ichizuka. The series is currently airing on Nippon TV and new episodes air every Saturday.

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Sentai Filmworks describes the anime as:

Flying Witch follows the adventures of 15-year-old Makoto Kowata, a teen witch whose only talent (currently) is being able to fly. In this supernatural coming-of-age tale, Makoto and her familiar, a black cat named Chito, move in with her second cousins in the beautiful and quaint Aomori Prefecture of northern Japan, where she learns to hone her magical skills.

Below is a preview of the series:

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