Let us let the good news soak in first. Studio A-1 Pictures (the ones responsible for works such as: Sword Art OnlineMagiYour Lie in April, and The Seven Deadly Sins), are going to be producing an anime to accompany the Persona 5 game. The new series will be called Persona 5 The Animation: the Day Breakers.

persona 5 trailer bentobyte atlus

This new animated series will be a prologue to the game itself. This is comforting as fans of the series will not have to suffer through an anime adaptation of a beloved game. This way, everyone will get to experience something new. On top of all of this, sources say that the original characters that will be making their debut in the anime will also be appearing the game itself. The game is set to hit western shelves on September 15th, the anime is expected to appear in September as well.

On top of all of this, a new trailer for it was released on YouTube and can be seen below:

Source: Siliconera

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