Recently, we received a box from Japan Funbox to review. Like the other boxes we have received, this one has expanded due to our offices being at higher elevation. The packaging is nothing terribly spectacular, just a simple logo on the side. However, inside contained a few things that we have yet to tangle with, which is a treat for us. If you have tried enough of these, after a certain point it becomes more about the variety of products than it is about consistency. Much like the other subscription box companies, Japan Funbox has three levels of boxes that range from the Mini at $14.99 a month to the Family box at $49.99.

First and foremost, Japan Funbox does have a great variety and offers a bunch of other eclectic snacks. The largest caveat we saw lay in the candy “cheat-sheet”. The sentences don’t always make a lot of sense and were not cohesive. For the most part, you should have an idea of what the snack or candy is. But in some instances, it was difficult for us to tell. My hope is that this is something that they improve in the future so it is easier for English speaking people to understand and enjoy.

With the the critique over, let’s dive into the contents of the box:

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For those who haven’t seen Degashi Kashi nor ordered a subscription box before, the umaibo are a classic treat that comes consistently across most of these subscription boxes. They come in a plethora of different flavors and are certainly a staple and delicious thing to have. So if you have yet to try one, then no worries they have provided 3.

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Super Lemon candies are a close relative of the Warhead. I mean like sibling close. The candy starts with an initial burst of extreme sour coating that’s followed by a sweet lemon after taste. The biggest difference (which isn’t really big at all) between these and a Warhead is that it felt like the sour portion didn’t drag on as long as it does with a Warhead. Depending on the person eating, that could a plus or a minus.

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This was one of the more interesting treats. Called Genji Pie, this heart shaped sweet and crispy treats was easily one of the better tasting items. Though it is a little difficult to describe what it tastes like (as we are not sure ourselves). However, considering this treat has been around since the 1960’s this is most certainly a delicious addition to the collection that is included.

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Kit Kat bars nowadays seem to come in each of these subscription box type services. Ranging from Green Tea to Raspberry (which is the one we got) it is a fun little aspect to get to try all these varying flavors that we do not typically get state-side. The raspberry ones are certainly good and have a bit more flavor than those of their green teas flavored counterparts. Should you try it? Absolutely. One thing to note, on the card included with the box it mentions that it is “for adult.” Now we aren’t too clear what makes these Kit Kats X rated, but we will just roll with it.

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The box calls these “Whistle  Candy Grape”, but you may known them better by the name Fue Ramune. A candy popular for the fact that it can be used to whistle by pushing air through the hole in the center. The candy itself has a chalky feel to it, which may sound negative but it’s really not. The nasty after texture that can come from chalk type candies isn’t present here. Grape candy can be hit or miss. Definitely a hit in this case. The flavor wasn’t overpowering and didn’t get the medicine taste you sometimes get from grape candy.

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Jyagariko Salad isn’t much a salad. If it had to be a salad, you could try to swing potato salad. This is a bucket of potato crisps shaped like sticks.  Name aside, the snack is delicious. Imagine a fry made of the potato mash that goes into Pringles. Season the fry (carrot and parsley in this case) and you’ve got Jyagariko Salad.

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There’s a reason Japan Funbox describes these as “Salty WASABI Snack for adult”. Most kids will not appreciate the intensity of the wasabi flavor that this snack provides. The smell of the wasabi hits you as soon as you open the bag. While there’s definitely some bite, I think the bark is louder. You get a kick of wasabi flavor but it doesn’t linger. What follows is a fairly traditional rice cracker. For those that aren’t fans of heat, it may not be for you. But for those interested, I can see that these would definitely go well with a beer as advertised.

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What’s a box without some brand candy? Pokemon 3D Candy is a lemon candy that’s core is filled with a sour powder that pops into your mouth as the hard candy dissolves in your mouth. The most notable part about this candy is the packaging. Each piece of candy has a 3D image of a Pokemon that you can view by cutting out the 3D glasses from the bag. It’s an impressive way to turn simple wrapping into something more.

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Popin Cookin Neri Can Land. It’s a “Do It Yourself” style candy set that you can use to make shaped candy of your own by mixing, stretching, and combining candy that’s something akin to a candy version of clay. The box comes with five pieces of molding candy that vary in flavor and color, as well as with some SPRINKLES and a stick to mold the candy with. In this case, I recommend that you do play with your food.

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Now everyone who would see this would immediately think of the ice cream cone called drumsticks. Well, you would be right. This is essentially a freeze dried version of that. Unlike the chocolate one we received before, this one was entirely strawberry instead.  Which, if you have ever tasted freeze dried “astronaut ice-cream” it is essentially that. Think strawberry flavored foam on a cone.

japan funbox review bentobyte 5

This is corn potage. In terms of flavor, this snack is easily one of the most potent ones. This seaweed and and salt speckled chip is perfect for when you want a savory snack that will hold you over during a long afternoon. Outside of the fact that the bag nearly exploded upon opening it, it definitely was delicious.

japan funbox review bentobyte 14

Meiji Apollo is a little adorable candy a mix of chocolate and strawberry. They are incredibly addicting, and because of that fact, did not survive very long in the BentoByte office. This candy has not only been around for around 45 years, it is very easy to eat as they are around the size of an Altoids’ mint.

japan funbox review bentobyte 9

Out of the many strange things we have received and tried over the past two years, this one was bar far the strangest when it came to consistency. It is described as a “super cola gum.” This is entirely accurate, but to a point where it behaves a little like pop rocks once you bite through it. It begins to fizz and foam (a little) like when you initially pop open a can of coke. So experiencing that made this gum come with an initial shock factor. As long as you like coke, and are prepared for the fizz than this will be right up your alley.

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If Lil’ Jon had his own brand of Crunch bar back in the early 2000’s it most certainly would have been called Crunky. Crunky is essentially the same thing as a Crunch bar but a little thinner and better portioned. the little molt puff in Crunky is more dense and prevalent than that of a typical Crunch bar. So you have that to look forward to.

japan funbox review bentobyte 12

Finally, this is the Kajirichho HipHop Berry (not sure what makes it hip-hop but we digress). It is a candy with a few layers. The exterior tastes of soda and the interior of two separate types of berries. Quite delicious but it is over in a flash so you’ll probably want more (alas that is not the case as this package only comes with one).

That’s all from this box! If it seems like something you or someone you know would enjoy, be sure to check out Japan Funbox!

Disclaimer: A box was provided by Japan Funbox to BentoByte for the purpose of review.

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