From the Cool Kids to Ev Zepplin

Some may know Evan Ingersoll (known better by his stage name Chuck Inglish) from his debut in the hip hop group known as the Cool Kids. And while the tracks that followed in this debut from The Bake Sale (EP) and When Fish Rode Bicycles (album) were monumental, the fame of the Cool Kids started to fade as the two members went off in pursuit of their own goals. So then the question began. What was next for these artists. If not the Cool Kids, then what?

Well, our friend Chuck Inglish has been a bit busy. When he isn’t helping produce tracks he is off making his own music. Since 2013 he has had two full albums (we have included the spotify album below, but this is more about Ev Zepplin), Convertibles and Everybody’s Big BrotherConvertibles was/is a prefect post Cool Kids album as it has a ton of features (17 to be exact). The most notable ones being Vic Mensa, Chance The Rapper, Mac Miller, and Chromeo. So after you give Ev Zepplin a listen, we certainly recommend tuning in to Convertibles.

In a word, Ev Zepplin is a pretty fun album on the whole. It has a lot of elements that it takes from rock and roll (and not in a bad WZRD sort of way). Chuck Inglish still maintains his phenomenal hip hop production that is reminiscent of the Cool Kids. However, it hits harder than that hipster hop on the whole. Enough about the album, give his latest below a listen:

Below is the Convertibles album:

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