Today, Sentai Filmworks announced that they have acquired the license for the popular series Shokugeki no Soma. Also known as Food Wars! The Second Plate, the second season of the hit show is expected to air this weekend. This may feel like a broken record at this point, but what this means is that the series will be available for streaming and simulcast all thanks to Sentai Filmworks. We think they just want to be involved, which, can you blame them? Shokugeki no Soma is amazing.

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The second season has already been confirmed as having 13 fresh episodes that will be sure to hit your taste buds just right. So get ready on Saturday June 2nd for the first episode. The second season will pick right back up where the first one left off. Sentai describes it as:

Eight of the most talented first-year students of the elite Tohtsuki Academy wage a culinary battle to advance to the next round of the Fall Selection, a kitchen-based showdown that will decide who will rise in the ranks and who will end up on the chopping block. Underdog Soma Yukihira’s cooking may leave his customers begging for another bite, but are his skills enough to face off with opponents as equally talented (and merciless) when it comes to the palate as him?

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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