The future of Crystal Castles has always been an unsure one. After Alice Glass’s departure in 2014, it seemed that the duo was finished. Skip forward one year later and lo and behold, Ethan Kath released “Frail” in April of 2015.  Signifying that Crystal Castles wasn’t finished meant that we can expect a new album (hopefully) this year.

So what makes Crystal Castles so great? Their music is something that isn’t terribly common within the electronic world. Sure, there are boat loads of melancholic music to pick from, but something about the dark and lo-fi tones and high energy vocals of Crystal Castles that carved them a path in the music world. Known for their intense shows, they brought a very punk-rock style of energy to each and every single one. Which, was refreshing in a world that (for a while there between 2010-2011) seemed like music was more headed towards artists like deadmau5, Skrillex, and Flux Pavilion (which it was and did). Not that this is a bad thing (it wasn’t, I love all three of those artists) those of us who clung to music like Justice, MSTRKRFT, and Digitalism wanted more.

So when Alice Glass decided to make her leave of Crystal Castles, I still yearned for more. Fortunately, they have released two recent tracks to hold us over until the new album. Check out the most recent one “CHAR” below:

Now that Ethan Kath is armed with new vocalist, Edith Frances, it hits everything about Crystal Castles that we have enjoyed so much. It has dark tones, equally darker lyrics, and that familiar lo-fi sound mixed in with a touch of more modern production. A prime is example of this is the track “Concrete” which was released on July 5th that can be seen below.

Compound these two tracks with the other two singles “Frail” and “Deicide”, the new album should be exceptional. We hope they keep this momentum up. So check them out if you aren’t already familiar and let us know what you think. And for those who are familiar get excited for their 4th album titled Amnesty (I).

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