Episode 4 – The Pursuer

They have done a solid job setting up Subaru as a villain. He seems pretty diabolical, potentially short-lived due to his small scope, but diabolical nonetheless. In a fight for Takumi’s mezzaluna he is relentless in taking down his foes. After expending all that energy studying them really closely, it is obvious what makes him so dangerous. Will that be enough for him to remain dangerous for an entire season? We are going to find out.

food wars shokugeki no soma bentobyte review 4-2

“I turned into a girl without even thinking about it….”

If there is one thing that I truly enjoy about Food Wars! The Second Plate is that it has fully embraced the humorous aspects. The mini rap in the middle of the episode that reminded me of a shojo made me laugh pretty hard. If the writing keeps throwing in these bits here and there, then this season will be a stellar one. The worst thing that could happen is if the show took itself too seriously and lost its childlike demeanor.

food wars shokugeki no soma bentobyte review 4-2

The heated battle between Takumi and Subaru was certainly something different than what we had experienced before. Instead of two different dishes that were based on the same thing though different in the end, we had two (nearly) identical dishes. This time, only the most subtle of differences were going to put one chef ahead of the other.

food wars shokugeki no soma bentobyte review 4-3

As for Takumi’s loss, consider it a good thing. Instead of having just another contender thrown into the ring only to be driven back, we now have a real piece of work on our hands. Which will make it all the more satisfying when Subaru has his ass handed to him by Soma (hopefully). The constant scenes with Subaru being portrayed as a demon really help get the audience excited for the next episode. Not only that, but it really helps build Subaru’s personality. With the risk of Soma potentially giving up as a cook due to the outcome of their Shokugeki, things are going to escalate quicker than a discussion about politics.

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The Pursuer With the loss Takumi, this episode did a stellar job building on our new villain Subaru. The pacing was proper, humor was on point, and the entire episode didn't revolve around the main competition. Outside of the first episode, this was a solid second best.
Character Development80
Plot Progression80
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