Episode 5: The Secret in the First Bite

Well it finally happened. We finally have a bit more interaction between Soma and Erina. The amount of actual interaction in Food Wars! between the two of these characters has been rather limited and I have been hoping that we were going to have more time between the two of them.  I finally got what I have been hoping for. This aside, the episode is doing a solid job of building up the suspense with the battle between Soma and Mimasaka Subaru and introducing the latest addition to the cast!

food wars the second plate episode 5 review 1With Soma putting his career and diner on the line, the stakes haven’t been as high before in the entirety of the Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma series. So whether or not we believe that he is in actual danger at least there is something very serious at risk. The face above shows his absolute resolve and determination when it comes to this challenge. For the viewers, it will be the first real monumental battle for this season.

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Food Wars! really does love having a plethora of characters. This week we get to meet Mitsuru from the Junior High journalism club. This starry eyed fanboy doesn’t seem like he brings much to the table when it comes adding value to the whole Soma team. Soma already has enough people questioning him and trying to figure him out. That being said, we haven’t had much time to watch him develop, therefore, this could mean his character could change for the better.

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For now though, Mitsuru is a pretty good source for some comic relief.

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In what has felt like forever, we finally get a bit more time with Erina Nakiri . Not only do we get to see a bit more of her personal life, we also get another slight peek into her personality. This is something I have been waiting for for a long time. For a character that is featured as one of the main two on the cover art, we haven’t spent nearly enough time getting to know her. With Hisako temporarily gone, I hope this forces her to have to interact with Soma more.

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Having Erina taste his stew was certainly a good move. There is nothing better than having the critique of the “god tongue” when it comes to trying to perfect a dish. Although she wasn’t able to provide much feedback, it was still a step in the right direction.

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Major tsundere alert.

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Despite all the stress that happens to all the students in Food Wars!, this statement alone really shows what separates Soma from everyone else. Up until now, I have always felt it as if everyone was nose to the grind stone with work. However, by showing that Soma is in it (not only to win but also) for the fun it reflects his carefree and bubbling attitude.  Which is really nice. I’m happy to know that not everyone is there because it is what they are good at but because they enjoy it and want to be there.

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With Mimasaka Subaru matching him at every point (including the ox tail) we would be normally pretty worried about Soma and how he was going to survive this conflict. But with the final shot in this scene, we know that what Soma is doing is purely to show off to Erina. Suffice to say I am not worried about what is to come in  episode 6. I am more excited that we have the potentiality to see more character development between the two of them.

On the whole, this episode is on the up and up. Easily one of the best episodes this season asides from the premiere. It had humor, it had more character development, and added a new character. Can’t wait until the conclusion of this battle!

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The Secret in the First Bite Food Wars is picking itself up from the last couple of episodes. With a bit more development it has been solid, here's to hoping there'll be something big around the corner.
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