Episode 6: Dawn Will Come Again

It comes as no surprise; Soma kicked more ass in this week’s episode of Food Wars! The Second Plate. In a totally predictable turn of events, this episode followed a typical shonen style with nothing of much substance happening in one episode. Outside of that feeling, the episode has solid footing in it’s entertainment value. A bit sad the plot doesn’t move far but it still contained the perfect absurd humor, some new education on food, and actually did a good job in building for the next episode.

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The quantity of metaphors and allusions to other anime series in this show is phenomenal. Equally good was the battle that ensued between the two. Not because this episode was your typical shonen, where they used the same formula over and over again (Soma is challenged to a shokugeki and then works his way out of it), but because this time around he had to defeat himself. Soma is known for throwing in homemade twists, so when faced with a copycat chef, he now had to beat his own cooking. To anticipate the twists that he himself would normally do and take it one step further really showed off Soma’s excellence as a chef. So kudos to Soma; having to outwit yourself is quite the feat.

Yukihiraland was hysterical. The constant absurd humor that is sprinkled throughout the Food Wars! series is an absolute stitch. Watching Gin Dōjima prance about in a dress behaving like a school girl while maintaining his stark demeanor was definitely the highlight for me. I couldn’t contain myself throughout the entire segment.

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I have always appreciated how Food Wars! being not only just an action shonen about cooking but also an educational experience as well. To a degree, it does go to an extreme but that’s entertainment. Learning about Chikuzen Soup and the elements and differences between it and stew was actually fairly interesting. With these little tidbits added here and there, the series does an excellent job maintaining the audience’s interest.

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I’m calling it now: at some point these two are going to bone (this is a game I play with every series and with these two it is kinda obvious). I just cannot wait to see Erina integrate more into the events that are happening within the show. That notorious gaze is certainly bound to change and the duel between these two characters is going to be an epic one.

I know there wasn’t much of one this week but the conflict that will ensue next week between Ryō Kurokiba (the dark version of Soma) and Akira Hayama (the spice god) will be something of legend. Anytime there is a battle between Soma, Ryo, and Akira, you know something is about to go down. My bet is currently on Akira winning just because it would be the best final battle between him and Soma. That being said, I’m not sure how a spice dish will combat Ryo’s ferocious cooking style. Can’t wait to see it either way.

Being led to believe that Mimasaka Subaru would even remotely defeat Soma wasn’t convincing at any juncture. But this didn’t take away from the fun of the bout the two had. With Soma defeating this copycat and the fall elections nearing it’s end, I’m excited to see what the next arc will be about.

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Dawn Will Come Again The episode, while good, wasn't terribly out of the ordinary when it comes to Shokugeki no Soma stories. I'd even call it a run-of-the-mill Food Wars! episode. But it was a fun run-of-the-mill episode.
Absurd humor90
differentiating itself from other episodes60
food education80
soma defeating himself80
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