Yesterday, Funimation released two trailers to the upcoming English dub of Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School. This release also confirmed that Funimation will be streaming and broadcasting the two arcs simultaneously.  According to Funimation, the Future Arc will be utilizing the English dub cast from Danganronpa: The First Animation (season 1). However, the cast for the Despair Arc will be different.

Danganronpa 3: The Future Arc is the newest series to join Funimation’s DubbleTalk program (where they discuss the anime and its best parts live on Twitch).  The Future Arc aired this past Wednesday (August 10th) at 8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM CT and will continue every Wednesday. The Despair Arc premiered today (August 11th) at 11:30 AM ET / 8:30 AM PT and will also be released each subsequent Thursday.

Check out the trailers and English dub casts to the two arcs below:

Future Arc

danganronpa 3 future arc english dub bentobyte

Funimation describes the Future Arc as:

Makoto Naegi is under suspicion of treason after shielding a remnant of Despair. The Future Foundation, founded to save the world from chaos caused by Ultimate Despair, gathers to decide his punishment when they are captured by Monokuma. Thrusted into an ultimate death game, they must find the true traitor and kill him if they hope to survive. The tale of despair in which hope kills hope begins.

The cast and part of the crew for the Future Arc are:

Voice Directors Christopher Bevins / Christian LaMonte
Bryce Papenbrook Makoto Naegi
Caitlin Glass Kyoko Kirigiri
Felecia Angelle Aoi Asahina
Christopher Bevins Yasuhiro Hagakure
Greg Ayres Monokuma
Anastasia Muñoz Monomi
Tia Ballard Daisaku Bandai
Chris Rager The Great Gozu
Ian Sinclair Juzo Sakakura
Kaiji Tang Kohichi Kitakura
Justin Briner Ryota Mitarai
Ricco Fajardo Kyosuke Munakata
Jād Saxton Ruruka Ando
Erin Fitzgerald Seiko Kimura
Brandon McInnis Sohnosuke Izayoi
Mark Stoddard Kazuo Tengan
Colleen Clinkenbeard Chisa Yukizome

Despair Arc


danganronpa 3 despair arc english dub bentobyte

Funimation describes the despair arc as:

Hope’s Peak High School is a special school that nurtures those with exceptional talents and abilities. While only top students are a part of the main course, anyone can join the preparatory course, like Haijme Hinata has. Hinata wants nothing more than to be part of the talented elite, but his desires lead him to a fateful encounter that drives the future of the school into despair.

The cast and some of the crew for the Despair Arc are:

Voice Directors Christopher Bevins / Christian LaMonte
Colleen Clinkenbeard Chisa Yukizome
Johnny Yong Bosch Hajime Hinata
Todd Haberkorn Teruteru Hanamura
Kaiji Tang Kohichi Kitakura
Carrie Keranen Mahiru Koizumi
Bryce Papenbrook Nagito Komaeda
Aaron Dismuke Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
Brina Palencia Ibuki Mioda
Justin Briner Ryota Mitarai
Ricco Fajardo Kyosuke Munakata
Christine Marie Cabanos Chiaki Nanami
Natalie Hoover Sonia Nevermind
Patrick Seitz Nekomaru Nidai
Morgan Garrett Akane Owari
Clarine Harp Peko Pekoyama
Kira Buckland Hiyoko Saiyonji
Kyle Hebert Kazuichi Soda
Scott Frerichs Tanaka the Forbidden One
Stephanie Sheh Mikan Tsumiki
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