Throughout the years of being interested and invested with Japanese culture, people often develop a striking curiosity when it comes to ramen. They want to try it all. Therefore, this causes most people to venture out from your I’m-incredibly-broke-Maruchan to try the real deal. At this point most ramen enthusiasts have tried one if not all the ramen shops within their respective home towns. The only next logical step is the biggest one of all, getting ramen in Japan. But where to start? What are the different kinds? And where can you find the best ones? This is where the work of one woman, Fanny Chu, comes into play.

fanny chu the ramen chart bentobyte

Meet Fanny Chu, she has spent the past half year traveling all over Japan in the search for the best ramen bowls. She has tried over 100+ bowls of ramen and has gone to every recommended place (suggestions from foodies, lists, friends, and published recommendations). During this grand effort, Fanny has picked out her top 25 favorites. The way she presents her findings is a bit different than your average list of restaurants that one would find within a TripAdvisor list. She has created an art piece in the form of a ramen chart.

What does that look like? Check it out below:

the ramen chart bentobyte

The results have obviously been blurred out (so that you have to buy it to get the names, and reasonably so), but you get the picture. The chart itself has an artists representation of what the bowl looks like. Each row correlates to the prefecture that it comes from and the color designates the type of ramen that it is. Not only do you get a list of the top 25 bowls currently on the market, but also a colorful piece of art. We have included a few pictures of what some of them look like up close below.

ramen chart bentobyte moving gif

This isn’t Fanny’s first ramen chart either. She has done three other projects. The original Ramen Chart, the Japanese Snack Poster (full of candies and other sweets), and the Ramen Poster 2.0. So you know that she has invested a lot of time, care, and effort into creating these.

ramen chart bentobyte

The ramen chart currently has ten days left on kickstarter. So if you want yours, it would be wise to act fast.  This is certainly a must have for people in dire need for wall art and a predilection for ramen.

If you are interested in Fanny Chu’s work you can follow here on Instagram at @japanese_foodie.

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