Episode 9: A Sword that Signals Autumn

The great battle between the three superpowers in Food Wars! kicks off! With Soma’s friends worried, things transpired in a very expected way this week. While expected, I wouldn’t say this is a bad thing. In fact, this episode was done really well! With the right amount of plot progression, suspense, and a cliffhanger, Food Wars! consistently proves why it is one of the best in the Summer 2016 anime season.

food wars the second plate episode 9 review

With the battle kicking off, the natural arguments that ensued between Ryo and Akira were great. The two of them certainly didn’t skip a beat since their recent quarrel in episode 7. After dismissing Soma entirely, the two of them go at it. This ends up being fantastic; the focus of the episode really revolves around the two of them being very talented and superb competitors. I’m sure the hubris and dismissal will come back to bite them in the ass. We, as fans, can say that we are comfortable enough to assume that Soma will manage to pull something off. It is blatantly apparent that it will have to be something miraculous.

After a part of last season being spent learning about Akira Hayama, it stands to reason that we would get a bit more story on Ryo Kurokiba. Considering how vicious his typically demeanor is, it’s nice to get a bit of background on how he and Alice became friends in the first place. Getting to know Ryo a bit more definitely enables us to take a peek into his competitive nature and what drives him. It also explains what drives him to develop and innovate to create things like the Cartoccio that was presented at the finals.

The antics and happens of Alice’s mother sure are strange. At least Food Wars! doesn’t forget to take the time to make fun of itself occasionally. I certainly appreciate that.

food wars the second plate episode 9 review 6

For the first time since meeting Akria, we finally get to witness that he isn’t all just spices. Not only does his food look incredible, it proves that he isn’t merely a one trick pony. I wouldn’t say I assumed that this was the case but with his Carpaccio he proved himself to be a formidable chef. This episode has given us clear cut cases as to why Ryo and Akira are dangerous opponents for Soma. Therefore I think it’s obvious that the road ahead will certainly be a bumpy one.

food wars the second plate episode 9 review 7

I’m glad to see they didn’t forget the sword metaphor.

I can’t be terribly upset that the episode ended on a cliffhanger. It’s just good writing. Or writing by people that know how to make a viewer come back next week. Which you could argue is good writing.

While the cliffhanger was expected it was done exceptionally well. Nothing is more compelling than a solid lead into the next episode. The fact that we now have to wait to see what Soma’s final touch to his dish is killing me. Things do seem a bit dismal for Soma after the judges unimpressed reaction to his salted rice bran pacific Saury rice. I am pretty sure that he will put himself on top by the end of the competition, regardless to what his ace-in-the-hole is.

My only hope for Food Wars! The Second Plate‘s next episode is that they do not spend the entire time deliberating over the outcome of the match. If the first half is spent trying Soma’s secondary measure and ends with the decision after spending the rest of the time on plot development, I will be a happy camper.

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A Sword that Signals Autumn Food Wars! once again proves why it is clearly one of the best shows of the 2016 summer anime season. With fantastic pacing, great suspenseful moments, and finishing with a solid cliffhanger. Things are going to be real interesting in the next episode.
solid cliffhanger90
excellent dishes80
prime suspense90
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