Episode 10: A New Genius

This week’s episode was a bit of a disappointment. Not in how things developed, nor the outcome, but merely based upon how the build-up was done up until the point of the delivery of the verdict. That being said, the rest of the episode was fantastic, there is no where else for this show to go except up (but don’t quote me on that, this episode is a clear case of it floundering). Now that we have finally reached a climax for the first cour of the second Food Wars! season, it is time to gear up for what comes next.


We all knew that Soma had something excellent up his sleeve. To think he wouldn’t have a fighting chance seemed uncharacteristic of the show. So seeing his ace in the hole was a delight. The issue though with all the Soma hype on the stage is that it was a very predictable way to make it seem like Soma was going to win without a doubt.  Before the scene even went on I already had doubts about whether or not he was going to win, despite all the talk about how clever and genius his dish was.


What upset me the most about the episode was the sudden backstory with Hayama Akira. If the viewer wasn’t already tipped off that Soma wasn’t going to win, the flashback should have been a dead giveaway. I would have preferred that they had included this earlier in the story instead of right before the decision was revealed. It just seemed like bad writing to order in the way that they did. The reveal should have knocked us on our asses, and yet it came as no surprise. I at least want to be surprised sometimes with this show, and it felt like a huge let down to not be.


I am in no way upset at the outcome though, by any means. This just means that Soma is going to do what Soma does best, he is going to learn and push himself to newer heights. How he does this will be incredibly fun to watch. Sure, he let his father down, but witnessing his drive and passion really is what we love most about him (well, that and his occasional humor).


The rest of the episode was stellar though. We are starting to see Ryo, Hayama, and Soma get a little closer as friends/competitors. As this relationship starts to develop more it will be exciting to see how they all compete and interact with each other from here on out. With the contrasting personalities their interactions outside and post-competition have been humorous. So writers, keep this aspect going. Would love to see more.


The goofy interactions between these three makes me hope they develop a dynamic like the kids in Stranger Things

The episode on the whole wasn’t bad, in fact most of it was pretty enjoyable, just had some major flaws with the storytelling. Had it not been for the blatant giveaways and sudden flashbacks, this episode would have been perfect. Why is the rest of solid? Because the climax happened and we were given plenty of time to enjoy everyone’s post-competition reactions. I am thoroughly looking forward to the next cour. Instead of everyone butting heads it will be fun to see them inadvertently honing and helping each other develop.

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A New Genius The amount of time spent hyping Soma's cooking in this episode was to its detriment. The outcome of the battle is realistic, and the reaction of the characters really shows how this series is going to build a very long story.
Unnecessary flashblack55
Plot Delivery60
Aftermath and reactions100
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