Before we start, I’ll provide a TLDR review: Dimension W Volume 1 is good. It introduces an interesting world and cast of characters that left me invested enough to want more. If you like Sci-fi action with a bit of mystery to it, I doubt you’ll find yourself disappointed with this series’ introduction. With that out of the way, let’s get into the details of Dimension W Volume 1 and why I left the volume being a fan of the series.

The first volume kicks off with an explanation of  the setting Dimension W takes place in: Inspired by Nikola Tesla’s dream to have a world powered through wireless energy, mankind has discovered a new source of power. The discovery of a fourth dimension, known as Dimension W, has allowed mankind to harness an infinite source of energy that powers the world in the year of 2072.

It’s also important to note that a man named Shidai Yurizuki made this discovery then founded the company New Tesla Energy to regulate and develop the systems that control this new form of energy. The energy is harnessed and distributed through Inter-Dimensional Electromagnetic Induction Devices, which are commonly called “coils”.

Still with me? Because we have a bit more diving to do. Most coils that are produced allow for a specified amount of energy output. However, there are illegally produced coils that surpass these limits that offered boundless energy and can come in any size. New Tesla Energy creates a force to gather the illegal coils and control their distribution but it isn’t enough. This led to the enlisting of freelancers, “Collectors”, to assist in the gathering of illegal coils.

That may have been a bit of a length explanation but it was necessary. Now I can tell you our main character Kyouma Mabuchi is a Collector and you can understand what I mean. The volume begins with Kyouma following a lead about some illegal coils acquired by a group of thugs. After seeing the power of the illegals coils (they make a water gun blow up pottery), Kyouma dispatches the group with an awesome display of throwing knives and martial arts. Only to be knocked unconscious by a smack from the hostage the group had taken. Though he did kind of deserve it.

This slap was delivered by Mira Yurazuki, the robot “daughter” of New Tesla founder Shidai Yurizuki. We learn that Shidai is pretty miffed at New Tesla as they sort of had his family killed in a sloppy operation. Realizing Mira has taken the illegal coils, we see Kyouma hunt her down before a giant light pillar fills the sky. In a final act of defiance, Shidai activates a devices that seemingly burns out all coils in the area around him.

This leaves Mira with power and defenseless, so Kyouma brings her back to his handler. Mira and Kyouma end up being paired together as partners in the Collectors business and from here we see the story unfold. Their first job as partners? Stopping renown thief “Loser” from stealing an art piece. Or at least taking the illegal coils he’s using to pull off the job.

Is it obvious enough now that there is a ton of content packed into Dimension W Volume 1? That’s with me glossing over a shitload of information. The series sells its setting extremely well and left me interested by just reading the premise. Wireless and limitless energy SHOULD be an interesting idea to everyone. If you don’t think something like that is interesting or at least important, then I don’t know what to say to you. An added bonus is seeing this concept used in a series rather than having to be one that’s chased, even if it’s obvious that there’s some sort of catch to it. (Kyouma has to have a reason to hate it like he does.)

In conclusion, Dimension W Volume 1 is a fun introduction to a series. The setting is interesting and merits interest on its own. The added bonus of having a cast of characters that are about as interesting is a plus, I’m excited to see each one grow. If you’re itching for action series with a hint of mystery that has an incredible setting, I highly recommend picking this one up.

Dimension W Volume 1

Written by: Yuji Iwahara

Publisher: Yen Press

Translation:Amanda Haley

Lettering: Phil Christie

Release Date: 02/23/2016

MSRP:  $13.00 USD

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