Episode 11: The Stagiaire

This week, in the Food Wars! world, they dutifully jump back into more character development. Although, it may not be between Erina and Soma like I had hoped, getting to know Arato Hisako was just as good, for now. With the stage and tone being set for the rest of the season, I eagerly await what challenges await our favorite characters. Who knows what will come next and who they will face further in on the Stagiaire? For now, my hope is for Soma and Emilia to get stuck in a restaurant together.


Hisako has been pretty downtrodden since her run in with Hayama. Considering she has been absent up until now, it has been nice getting to know her (despite her incredibly temporary self-deprecating mood). It is apparent that she hasn’t been fairing well. But having to cook with Soma will be the best thing to help lift her spirits. If there is one thing characters seem to get after spending time with Soma it’s confidence.


Watching Soma blaze a trail in a real life kitchen again came as no surprise. However, seeing Hisako struggle goes to show how different Soma’s background is to the other chefs of the Totsuki Academy. I expect that this is one of the few times that her (and many other like her) have experienced a real diner and the various associated rushes. By the end of it, she handled it like a pro which bodes well for her future.


The only real concern I had with this episode was that the challenge of the Stagiaire didn’t seem nearly as difficult as we have come to expect out of the prior challenges. Instead, Soma seemed to meet this challenges head on and resolve things entirely too easily. Either something really daunting is coming down the road, or Soma may have a bit of a break for a while. I expect that this is only for this particular episode. But who knows? We will see in the future.


One thing is certain, after this experience with Hisako, her character is going to develop a lot more, and is certainly going to be more heavily involved. It isn’t just Hayama and Ryo that will benefit from working with Soma, I really hope to see her cooking (and hopefully her attitude) develop. I am not sure how she will show Erina her independence yet, but it is clear that she will push herself until she reaches this comfortable point.


The tone that has been set for this cour of Food Wars! seems to be one of learning through the interaction of many characters. Since we have such a large cast, I imagine this will provide plenty of content and interaction between our plethora of characters. We may be focused on Soma and Hisako for now, but I am willing to bet that Megumi is liable to pick up a few things here and there from her time with Erina (and vis versa).

Before I finish this review, there is one more quick prediction I want to make. Since the intro and the post-credits scene has been showing Shinomiya a ton (the red haired dude who has it out for Soma), I am guessing now that Soma will end up in his restaurant somehow. Either in the next episode or towards the end of the season, the two of them are bound to butt heads once again.


Tsundere alert

The Stagiaire episode was better than last week’s. We now have a proper foundation to build our expectations on for the rest of the season. As long as we get to know the characters more and more, the interactions between all of them increase then this will end as a solid second season. All we need now is another antagonist, or a new seemingly impossible challenge.

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The Stagiaire Having Soma work with Hisako is a solid move. Not only did we get to experience a reserved character up close and personal, but we also got to see her develop into something more than just an aide.
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