After finishing the first volume of To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts, I found myself enthralled in the story and anxiously waiting for new volumes to be released. That time has come and I’m happy to say that To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts Volume 2 was no less of an enjoyable experience.

We rejoin Schaal and Hank a little further in the future from where we left them as they make their way to Whitechurch by train in search of Cain Madhouse. On route, we get to learn a little about Hank’s history that I found pretty interesting. Most importantly, we learn that three people are responsible for the beasts: Hank’s love Ellaine is responsible for their creation, Hank is responsible for making them into soldiers, and Cain is responsible for unleashing the beasts on the world.

Important to note that Cain did this after Ellaine shot Hank because of an oath they made to kill all the beasts before they went made. Right after this, we saw Ellaine murdered by Cain. Being that it was a deal the three “creators” made together and Hank and Ellaine being involved, we start to understand why Hank despises Cain so. Many would consider this a “dick move”.

We then moved on to the Gargoyle arc in Whitechapel. One of Hank’s old subordinates who became a beastly Gargoyle is punishing the wicked of Whitechapel. More accurately, he’s murdering every person he sees commit even the smallest crime. Seems that being raised by a traveling clergyman didn’t pair well with becoming an incarnate for Topher.

The Gargoyle’s Judgement story took up the majority of the second volume but it was certainly a worthy read. Enough time to introduce new characters, some backstory and include some badass fight scenes. I really enjoyed Hank and Topher’s fight but was even more thrilled that we finally saw Schaal driven to kill an incarnate herself.

I enjoyed the final chapter more focused on Cain but his turning the incarnates on the attendees of his gala/ball did feel a little predictable. A minor complaint really. Though as an additional aside, it felt much more like a hook to keep the reader interested more than it felt full of content. But I suppose that’s just good planning on the part of the author. Who ends a book on a boring note?

MAYBE has continued to maintain the quality of the series in To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts Volume 2. New incarnates, characters and settings kept the story of the series strong while the artistic style we saw in the backgrounds, characters designs and fight scenes kept me (and hopefully other readers) engaged throughout the volume. Much like it’s predecessor, To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts Volume 2 has left me waiting with bated breath for the next volume in the series.

To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts Volume 2

Author/Illustrator: MAYBE

Publisher: Vertical Comics

Translation: Jason Moses

Production: Grace Lu, Anthony Quintessenza

Release Date: August 16, 2016

MSRP: $10.95 USD

Disclaimer: A copy of To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts Volume 1 was provided to BentoByte by the publisher for the purpose of review.

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