Episode 13 : Pomp and Circumstance

It feels rather sad that this series has now come to a conclusion. Here I was hoping for a full 25 episodes (like last season), but it does not appear to be so. At the very least, we at least had a solid season to make up for it. Food Wars! The Second Plate has certainly finished on a high note with the potentiality to give us so much more down the road. Now all we can do is play the waiting game until we hear about another possible season.



I think what was best about this episode was that the development we got out of Shinomiya. He wasn’t really villainized (for the first time ever), which I really appreciated. Instead, we were given a bit of backstory into his childhood and to what exactly makes him tick. Despite his constant rough exterior, it is really nice to be able to enjoy getting to know him and to watch his relationship with Soma blossom (settle down there Yoai fan-fictioners).


I can’t tell if these two behave more like siblings or something more. personally, I am going to hope for more.


Although this episode posed the plot as a competition, it was really nice that a lot of time wasn’t spent on what the other cooks had prepared for the battle at the end (actually we didn’t even find out what they made). Instead we just got to experience how Soma had changed as a chef and what aspects of French cuisine he managed to pull off.


Did someone say, unlimited blade works?


With a dish like this, it certainly had “Soma” written all over it. Having the innards of the quail lined with risotto and egg really embodies how much Soma have developed as a chef over the duration of this show. Utilizing the technique of the cabbage to line the interior of the quail is a key demonstration of Soma’a ability to absorb everything around him, adapt, and develop. Albeit, this impressive display wasn’t enough to receive a pass from Shinomiya. It wasn’t all a complete loss as the show suddenly did something uncharacteristic with Shinomiya.


I know I mentioned before the best part of the episode was Shinomiya not being a dick and us getting to know him. This aspect was amplified in the moment where he decides to incorporate Soma’s dish and show him a thing or two more. His personality didn’t change overall (although he’s still stiff and uptight) which is important in order for him to still have the same weight plot wise. By Shinomiya showing a little bit of empathy towards Soma, it makes me think that the two of them have the potential to be colleagues in the future.

I really enjoy the humorous moments with Chibi faces, so here are a few favorites just for my own sake.

With the end of the episode showing everyone coming back together after surviving the Stagiaire, it seems that everyone has returned with a new skill set. The future of this show may not be certain, but what is certain, is that the students now have a band of people to learn and develop off of. The elite ten are going to have to deal with some very talented individuals. Armed with the new skill sets, the first years are now going to be a formidable force. I only hope the show continues so that we can witness it first hand.


This episode was a calmer conclusion than what I was expecting. In no way is that a bad thing though. It was one of  the best episodes of the season (the other being the first one). Instead of the typical and downright predictable happenings, we were treated to an enjoyable episode where we were able to see everyone come together. This change of pace for the concluding episode does nothing but get the viewer more and more hyped for what will come next. So if the creators end up reading this, we need more (MOAR I TELL YOU). This story is far from over, and the success of the show could carry it a long way.

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Pomp and Circumstance Food Wars has managed to end on as high of a note as the first episode. With the potential for so much more, solid character development, and great humor this episode embodies everything we like about the show.
Character development90
potential for more90
Shinomiya not being a dick90
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