The official site for the upcoming film for the Black Butler series, Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic, released a smorgasbord of new promotional content today. Included among the list is a new promotional trailer, additions to the cast, a new movie poster, and the plans for a special screening of the film on a cruise ship. That last one really sticks out but I’ll admit is pretty suitable for a series like Black Butler.

Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic PV2 by pKjd

The new cast includes Ryohei Kimura as Charles Grey, Tomoaki Maeno as Charles Phips, and Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Viscount Druitt. The new image from the official site teases the designs of the characters, which you can see here:

Black Butler

Additionally, you can see the new poster for the film here:

Black Butler

As for the cruise ship, it will be screened at a special event titled Black Butler Cruising Party – That Butler Ships Out. The event will be hosted aboard the Symphony Moderna luxury liner on January 14 and January 15, 2017. The ship will embark from Hinode Pier and tour Tokyo Bay. A meal is included as part of the cruise package along with a screening of Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic. Truly an event for the hardcore fans out there.

Don’t know Black Butler? Curious about the popularity of the series? I’ve got you. Black Butler began as a manga series in 2006 and has been serialied in Square Enix’s Monthly GFantasy magazine since. Beginning in 2008, multiple anime series and OVAs have been released for the series. The anime series are available to stream on Funimation. For those still wanting to learn more, I’ll list the description of the first season provided by  Funimation:

Ciel Phantomhive is the most powerful boy in all of England, but he bears the scars of unspeakable suffering. Forced to watch as his beloved parents were brutally murdered, Ciel was subsequently abducted and violently tortured. Desperate to end his suffering, the boy traded his own soul for a chance at vengeance, casting his lot with the one person on whom he could depend: Sebastian, a demon Butler summoned from the very pits of hell. Together, they’ll prowl the darkest alleys of London on a mission to snuff out those who would do evil. They’re a rare sight, these two: the Butler who dismembers with dazzling cutlery – and the Young Master who carries the devil’s marking. Rest assured that wherever they may be headed, it’ll be one hell of a ride.

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