After months of speculation and with Nintendo abandoning the WiiU, the biggest question we have had was what is the Nintendo NX? Well Nintendo finally released their answer, the Nintendo Switch. Check out the trailer for it below:

As someone who is hyper critical of Nintendo (I feel like they haven’t done much innovation in years), the newest console looks promising. Having the ability to play Skyrim on the go? Sweet. At least now this may mean that they are finally taking a step towards contending with the other consoles. Hopefully this means that Nintendo won’t feel like that childhood friend that was awesome but never went anywhere.


It is interesting to see that they intend on replacing the Gameboy series with this new system. And if it has the PSVita like quality shown in the video, than I (among many others) will be happy to give up our 3DS’ for this new handheld.

The only question I have right now (outside of the hardware specs) is whether or not all the components that were shown in the video will be included with the console upon release. If they are, then this certainly could be a cool system to invest in, assuming of course all the mobile aspects of it work as well as it appears in the launch video.

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