In what will surely be a slew of announcements (starting yesterday with Long Rider!), Sentai Filmworks is back at it again acquiring Fall 2016 anime.Today, Sentai Filmworks announced their latest acquisition, Magic of Stella. Unlike the others though, this show is currently only available through Daisuki ‘s streaming service. No luck yet for users who are exclusively on Funimation or Crunchyroll.

The series began originally as a manga series that started back in 2012. Magic of Stella is written by Cloba.U and currently has 3 volumes¹. The anime is currently scheduled to have 12 episodes in total. The anime is directed by Shinya Kawatsura and is animated by studio Silver Link.


Sentai Filmworks describes the series as:

first-year high school student Tamaki Honda and her SNS club as they work together to create a self-published game. With Tamaki as the project’s illustrator, she works alongside the club’s other (rather peculiar) members, including Shiina (the club president and game programmer), Ayame (the scenario writer), Kayo (their music composer), and Yumine (the club’s boys’ love expert).

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