Drifters Episode 4 was different than anything we’ve seen from the series so far. Being that we’re only four episodes in, that shouldn’t be too surprising. Every episode could feasibly be different at this point and to some extent they are. However there has been one thing each episode has had in common until now: pacing.

Drifters Episode 4 really pumped the breaks and brought the pace of the series down to something of crawl, focusing on different groups of characters actions at the same point in time. Additionally, the majority of this episode was spent on dialogue between characters rather than events or actions that actually pushed the story forward. It’s something that needed to be done. The Drifters need to know who they’re going to fight and why they have to fight them after all. Still, it certainly was a jarring switch from what we’ve seen in Drifters so far.

Drifters Episode 4

There were a few interesting developments worth noting. First, we got a glimpse of an ability that the Black King possesses as he healed injured soldiers in his army. Whether this is his only ability is yet to be determined but depending on the scale in which he can utilize his power, it could be incredibly useful. A gifted tactician with the ability to heal his soldiers is nothing to scoff at and is certainly someone that could inspire an army.

Drifters Episode 4

We also learned that the Black King tried to save mankind in the past. The rejection of his efforts to save man is what seems to fuel the hatred he now holds for the race. Judging by the scars he bears the failure of his attempt to save man clearly ended in a violent way for him. Being brutalized by the beings you were trying to save could certainly drive someone to hatred, so I felt a little more engaged with the history and character of the Black King than I did last week.

There were also some significant developments for Toyohisa, Nobunaga, Yoichi, the Elves, and Olminu (the Magician from the Octoberist organization the Drifters captured). Olminu gives the Drifters some understanding of the world they are now in and explains the Octoberists’ intent to gather the Drifters and enlist their aid in stopping the Ends’ destruction of the human and subhuman races. In response, Nobunaga reasons that first the cruel empire of Orte must be overthrown first. Which leaves Olminu understandably shocked.

Drifters Episode 4

Nobunaga pushes Toyohisa to lead to their newfound Elven allies in a revolt against Orte rather than attempting to lead them himself (because Nobunaga prefers to work in the shadows). Toyohisa provokes the Elves by pointing out how shameful their situation has become and uses that anger to rally them to their newfound cause. With his new soldiers in tow, Toyohisa prepares an ambush for the Empire’s reinforcements. An ambush that we’ll just have to wait and see in the next episode.

Finally, there were a few random moments I’d like to mention. The brawl that Toyohisa, Nobunaga and Yoichi got into was pretty entertaining, especially Yoichi remembering the brawls he used to get into with his ten brothers. I have one brother and our fights used to get rowdy. I can only imagine the chaos of having nine more. I also enjoyed the intense exchange between Toyohisa and Nobunaga, as both men reminded each other of family they had lost. Seeing both of these intense character show a somber side was a welcome addition.

Drifters Episode 4

Drifters Episode 4 was an episode of necessity for the series. “Active Heart” introduced lots information to the viewer but was lacking in substantial developments beyond Nobunaga declaring his intent to over through the Orte empire. But I don’t mean to sound negative. The things we learned in this episode will make the rest of the series more enjoyable and certainly made for an interesting episode on their own. With the cast and viewers informed, Drifters can push its story forward with vigor.

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Active Heart "Active Heart" introduced lots information to the viewer but was largely lacking in substantial developments. However, the things we learned in this episode will make the rest of the series more enjoyable and certainly made for an interesting episode on their own.
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