Today, the official site for the upcoming anime film Genocidal Organ began streaming their very first trailer. Check it out below:

Genocidal Organ‘s story revolves around a world where the city of Sarajevo has been leveled by a nuclear bomb. Since then, all major democratic countries have devolved into surveillance states due to the fact that each of them have been experiencing mass genocide. The perpetrator, who appears to be an American man named John Paul, is being tracked down by intelligence agent Clavis Shepherd. Can Clavis track down John Paul in time to save the world from further genocide? Well the movie will be releasing on February 3rd of 2017, so you will have to find out.

Genocidal Organ was written by Project Itoh, directed Shukou Murase, and animated by Geno Studio. Project Ito (or also known by his real name Satoshi Itō) has written other work such as The Empire of Corpses and Harmony¹.

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