This week we received a new subscription box from a company we have yet to come across, Bokksu.


Bokksu, which comes in a little orange box, has a bit of a different perspective on the whole Japanese subscription box fad. Much like Snakku, they focus mainly on providing snacks that people from Japan actually eat. Not just your run-of-the-mill plethora that can be purchased from a corner store, Bokksu pairs this with a theme and a tea. Yes, that’s right, a tea. Out of all the others we have reviewed in the past, this is the first one to have a tea paring. So from that perspective is pretty neat. If tea isn’t your thing though, then this might not be the right box for you.

Check out our unboxing video below:

With the November box everything was themed around Japanese folklore. So each of the snacks have more of a meaning behind each one as well as a lesson on folklore in general within the packet. That being said, all the treats comparably to the other boxes we have received are a bit tame in comparison. This is obviously the point that Bokksu is trying to get across to the subscriber; if you live in Japan (and are a young adult or adult) then you probably don’t eat too many sweets (or snacks for that matter).

Here is what was in the box:

Kitsune’s Tail


This is like your average biscuit (not the British kind). It is flaky and dry, however pairs nicely with the tea.

Hakata Mentai Shrimp Senbei


This crumbly wafer is more of a savory snack than a treat. This snack is small shrimp and Mentai (fish roe) flavored treat. More of something that one would want in an afternoon to get you through the day to the end.

Saku Saku Panda


These are most certainly a candy. This little crunchy chocolate cookie imprinted with a white and milk chocolate panda on it are incredibly sweet, yet delightful to look at. Careful with these though, if you have a sweet tooth, you may burn through these quickly.

Dream Animals


These little adorable buttery crackers (think of animal crackers but with a bit more butter flavor) are also another excellent addition to the tea.

Kumamon Cookie


There is nothing quite like the classic vanilla and chocolate cookies. And with Kumamon on top of it, it just makes it that much better. For those who don’t know who Kumamon is, please see the Jon Oliver bit below:

Combine all of this with the Sencha flavored green tea and that is what you get within this month’s Bokksu subscription box.


All of this together will cost you around $39.00 per month or $111 for a 3 month subscription (that’s a savings of $6 for the lazy). A smaller “tasting” box costs around $19.00 per month. The difference being that instead of receiving 16-18 Japanese snack you only get 6-8. The $39.00 price point is a bit steep in comparison to the other options out there. However, if a small lesson on culture, a tea pairing with a few great snacks seems more up your alley, then this may be for you.

To pick up one for yourself, you can get them here at Bokksu’s site.

Disclaimer: A box was provided by Bokksu to BentoByte for the purpose of review.

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