Every once in a while you just need a story that brings a tear to your eye (or at least makes you feel anxious). Is it a bit masochistic to indulge in these dramas occasionally? Sure. But you definitely need these reality checks from time to time. So without further ado, here are five anime titles or movies that reduced us to tears at one point or another.

Keep in mind though, this list contains spoilers so if you have yet to see these titles, just take note that they are on this list. Also, if we forgot your favorite tear jerker, then too bad, it may be in the next list.


5. Steins;Gate

There are two easily identifiable moments in Steins;Gate where it is heartbreaking to watch Okabe slowly lose it. Not only do we see the decline in Okabe’s mental health, but we also witness the tragedies that befall the other characters. The first moment being of course when he desperately tries to save Mayuri over and over again. The storytelling does such a great job that we (as the audience) also start to feel the same mental wear and desperation that Okabe feels. The second moment is when everyone realizes that Kurisu has to die in order for the everyone to reach the original world line.


4. Clannad

Do we really have to explain why Clannad is on here? because we shouldn’t have to. If you just want to be upset at the world and everything, then a tale where everyone dies will definitely be your best bet. Sure, it ends in an upbeat manner, but the journey itself is so damn sad that it is hard to get through at times.


3. Angel Beats!

Angel Beats! is kind of a deceiving anime. At first it seems like a silly and nonsensical setting with an interesting plot, a bunch of kids stuck in the afterlife who join the Afterlife Battlefront to fight the student president, a girl named Angel with superpowers. Could be fun right? Who would have thought that this seemingly simple show would turn into a gigantic bloodbath with characters being ripped from you left and right. Not to mention that the end is just one pain train after the other with Otonashi sitting there all heart broken. Sure the epilogue gives a somewhat glimmer of hope, but to us, it doesn’t seem like much of one.


2. Grave of the Fireflies

Studio Ghibli is notorious for bringing fantastic stories to life. Most of the ones that we attribute to Hayao Miyazaki are typically children’s films that have short-lived dramatic moments that are typically resolved and in quick manner. That is not the case with Grave of the Fireflies.  When the story is meant to show the horrific cost of war you know things are not going to end well. If the multitudes of hardships that the siblings face don’t bring a tear to your eye, then the ending surely did. With the two characters not surviving the tale, nothing brings tears quite like the concept of children dying.


1. Your Lie in April

Nothing has sprung tears quite like the ending of Your Lie in April. In a story filled with an unbelievable amount of overcoming obstacles moments, nothing hurt quite as much as the greatest one of Kaori ‘s death. For all the hardships that Kosei Arima had to endure throughout the series we thought for one moment that we would get a moment of reprieve at the finale, only to experience the 5 stages of grief ourselves.

What are your go to’s? Let us know!

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