In what will surely join the ranks of terrible anime to film adaptations (*cough* Dragonball: Evolution *cough*), it was announced that the production for the adaptation of Naruto has begun.

At the stage event Jump Festa on Saturday the 17th came the confirmation that Michael Gracey (alongside Lionsgate studio and creator Masashi Kishimoto) will be heading the production for Naruto.  The public has yet to see a full length film come from Michael Gracey, as his current movie, The Greatest Showman, is not expected to be released until 2017.

The announcement also confirmed some of the staff that will be joining the production. This includes that the screenwriters will be Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath (known for work such as Teen Titans Go!), the script will be written by Chris Shafer and Paul Vicknair, the producers are Avil Arad and Ali Alad (from Marvel), and the production will involve Zareh Nalbandian from VX studio Animal Logic.

In the time leading up to this confirmation from the original announcement of the Hollywood rendition of Naruto, the news itself hasn’t been met with the best reception. Thus far, Twitter users have been tweeting up a storm to voice their concerns over the potentiality of white-washing of a beloved series. This overwhelming dissent sparked a flow of sarcastic memes and jokes.

Can you blame them? Not really, no. With a franchise as big as Naruto, it will be very difficult to get it right and have it up to the fan’s standards as well as not pull a Ghost in the Shell casting decision with Scarlett Johansson.

Source: Natalie and Comic Sync

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