Gotta say, I’m a big fan of the kind people over at Bokksu. They’ve sent us yet another of their Japanese sweets boxes, this one being the December 2016 box. As we’ve mentioned before, Bokksu is a little different in that the focus of the box is to send you sweets and treats from specific regions in Japan. Less focus on what you may find anywhere in the country, more Mom & Pop sweet shop sorts of snacks. So without further delay, let’s jump on in to the review.

One more small delay though. I have to mention this every time we get a box from Bokksu; the box and the presentation Bokksu offers is impeccably well done. The box isn’t over the top, just a sleek orange look with their logo. Always nice to receive one of these:

bokksu bentobyte review december 2016

Let’s get to the treats! First up we have the Yumemi Koji Manju. The snack is resembles a cookie that you might see in your everyday life. But it’s so much more. The treat is actually stuffed with different fillings such as red bean paste. Additionally, the treat is actually a bit more savory and sweet. Definitely can catch you by surprise.

Kyoto Anna Monaka is an interesting snack that’s kind of a two-in-one treat. A couple of wafers and different spreads allow you to make your own sweet sandwich. A strong texture is definitely something I can say this snack has, while the flavor comes down to personal taste. This month’s box included red bean and smooth red bean.

What can I say about the KitKat Matcha? The green tea infused KitKat always reminds me more of a white chocolate KitKat with hints of matcha. Just in case you’re unaware, matcha is powder created from Green Tea and is used to make tea along with Green Tea flavored foods.

bokksu bentobyte review december 2016-2

The first thing I’ll say regarding the Kyoto Iroha Finacier cake is that it pairs very well with the matcha Tea that was sent with this box. The consistency closely resembles banana bread, which I say is a plus. This month’s box came with Vanilla and matcha flavored cakes.

Black Bean Okaki is kind of like a firm yet chewy cracker. It’s a savory snack that has black beans baked into the cracker itself. I’d say it’s a heavier snack that’s definitely suited to its tea pairing.

Finally, we have the Maru Cha Cha. These are thin crackers that are infused with matcha! Surprising right? I’d describe these as crisp in texture, deeply green in color, and rich in flavor. Definitely a good snack to be paired with some else savory.

These six snacks were paired with powdered matcha tea packets and that pairing really worked well in this case. Overall, I was very satisfied with this box and it’s largely savory cast. It was just the sort of thing for the season; hearty snacks to eat while coming in from the cold outdoors. A big thank you to Bokksu once again! Definitely check out Bokksu if you’re in the market for an extremely authentic Japanese snacking experience.

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Disclaimer: A box was provided by Bokksu to BentoByte for the purpose of review.

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