If you’re a fan of Atlus‘ Persona series, boy do I have buckets of good news for you. Today, Atlus announced three new entries into the Persona franchise titled Persona Q2Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night, and Persona 5 Dancing Star Night. There are now two official sites for the games, one for Persona Q2 and another that features both of the rhythm games. Being that an anime adaptation to Persona 5 was announced just earlier this week, Atlus seems to really be pulling out all of the stops.


Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5 Dancing Star Night seem to be following in the footsteps of their predecessor: Persona 4 Dancing All Night. The rhythm game was released as the last hurrah for the fourth entry in the series back in 2015. Considering the popularity and success of Persona 5, seeing a rhythm game spin off isn’t too surprising. However, I will say that I was caught off guard by the fact that Persona 3 is receiving a rhythm game spin off as well.

Both games have been slated for release on PS4 and Vita in Spring of 2018 with more details to come. (“Please Wait for Next Information!”) Along with the official announcement, each game receiving a trailer that Atlus has since posted to their official YouTube channel:

If rhythm games aren’t your thing, don’t fret! Alongside the duo of rhythm games came the announcement of Persona Q2. If we assume Q2 to be anything like Persona Q, we can expect to see a new RPG full of fan service as it brings characters from different entries in the series together. I think it’s safe to say that we can certainly expect to see the cast of Persona 5 to be featured in this title but I’m curious to see what characters from the older titles will make their way into this one.


One thing is for sure; Atlus seems to have a lot of work on their plate for the foreseeable future. As a fan of the series, I’m absolutely pumped to know there’s more Persona titles on the way and cannot wait to hear more about these games.

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