Good news for fans of comedy, Japanese sweets, or to those out there that are fans of both; our favorite sweet tooth anime is returning! Dagashi Kashi is set to announce a second season of the anime adaptation in the coming double issue of Shonen Sunday. The info came from an early look at Wednesday released yet Sunday named manga magazine.

Some news regarding the cast and production team has been announced as well. Most notably in regards to the cast Ayana Taketatsu has been confirmed to return to the flagship role of Hotaru Shidare. (The series may technically be centered around Kokonotsu but let’s be real, there’s a reason Hotaru is featured on every promotional image.)

In regards to the production, it seems that Studio feel is passing the torch to Tezuka Productions for the second season. Additionally, Satoshi Kuwabara and Nana Miura will be taking over the roles of director and character designer for the second season.

Along with the announcements regarding the cast and crew, promotional images have also been revealed for the second season:

Dagashi kashi

Dagashi kashi

Dagashi kashi

Dagashi Kashi  began serialization in Weekly Shonen Sunday back in 2014 and has since released 7 compiled volumes, with the eighth volume slated for release in Japan on August 10th. The first season of Dagashi Kashi aired as part of the 2016 Winter anime season and ran for a total of twelve episodes. The series is currently available for streaming on FUNimation as well as for purchase on Blu-Ray and DVD.

Source: Yaraon

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