Every year we attend Nan Desu Kan in Denver, CO. Now that BentoByte has managed to expand significantly in the past year we have upped our repertoire of content that we have post con. But there is one thing that will never change, we always grab some cosplay photos. So without further ado, see the outfits of some of the people we met while attending NDK this year.

Nan-Desu-Kan-NDK-2017-BentoByte-21 Nan-Desu-Kan-NDK-2017-BentoByte-20 Nan-Desu-Kan-NDK-2017-BentoByte-19 Nan-Desu-Kan-NDK-2017-BentoByte-18 Nan-Desu-Kan-NDK-2017-BentoByte-17 Nan-Desu-Kan-NDK-2017-BentoByte-16 Nan-Desu-Kan-NDK-2017-BentoByte-15 Nan-Desu-Kan-NDK-2017-BentoByte-14 Nan-Desu-Kan-NDK-2017-BentoByte-13 Nan-Desu-Kan-NDK-2017-BentoByte-12 Nan-Desu-Kan-NDK-2017-BentoByte-11 Nan-Desu-Kan-NDK-2017-BentoByte-9 Nan-Desu-Kan-NDK-2017-BentoByte-10 Nan-Desu-Kan-NDK-2017-BentoByte-8 Nan-Desu-Kan-NDK-2017-BentoByte-7 Nan-Desu-Kan-NDK-2017-BentoByte-6 Nan-Desu-Kan-NDK-2017-BentoByte-5 Nan-Desu-Kan-NDK-2017-BentoByte-4 Nan-Desu-Kan-NDK-2017-BentoByte-3 Nan-Desu-Kan-NDK-2017-BentoByte-1 Nan-Desu-Kan-NDK-2017-BentoByte

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