Mystic Melee is a new multiplayer fighting game on the Steam Store. Additionally, Mystic Melee features a speedrunning campaign for solo players. This review is mostly covering the campaign aspect of the game. In short, I can say that the campaign is pretty time consuming by itself. If you add the time you could spend playing multiplayer, you have a well worthwhile purchase.

The visuals and music are equally satisfying for a fan of retro-gaming like myself. The game reminds me of Terraria. The more I play Mystic Melee, I have a growing appetite for Terraria. I can find satisfaction out of just taking screenshots and listening to the soundtrack of the game. But again, I am a huge retro fan so I’m definitely a little biased.

Let’s hit on some of the mechanics of the game. In Mystic Melee, the player can use a gamepad or a keyboard without a mouse. In-game actions include a double-jump, wall-jump, slide, and collect and shoot artifacts. The artifacts seem to only have a home in the campaign. Down+Z gives the player another ability which takes a while to get accustomed to. The player uses this over a slope while airborne to slide then launch across a large gap. I did this several times during my playthroughs and I still have trouble with it.

Each of the four characters gain a different ability for their attack. I’ve only played two of the characters so far but I can at least speak to their abilities. Gale shoots orbs that bounce once, then explode. Amaya concocts leaf-like boomerangs as her special attack.

As for the multiplayer, there are a few pretty basic multiplayer modes which include:

Blitz – Win the most rapid fire rounds. This is the only mode where all the maps are available.

Deathmatch – Last survivor wins.

Hypersphere – Move the hypersphere (which is a large ball) around the map to the opponent’s goal five times.

Obelisks – Control the obelisks for 90 total seconds.

Now, as for the campaign alone, it feels very promising so far. I’ve only played through the tutorial and reached level four of Arboria (the official first world). I didn’t collect all the artifacts thus far, seeing as how that is quite challenging and, consequentially, time-consuming. If anything, the appeal of the game decreased due to its difficulty. Perhaps I’m just that much of a softie to where I can’t stand too many retries in one session.

Within the first few seconds of the tutorial, I realized Mystic Melee is basically the perfect game for speedrunners.  The goal in each level is to simply make it to the end within the time given. You can collect all the artifacts along the way while having to maintain awareness of the deadly enemies in your path. You get 100 health but that only amounts to about four hits before you’re dead. There is only one checkpoint available per map. That isn’t useful if you want to 100% the level or speedrun individual levels (ILs). If you die, you lose everything, even if you respawn at the checkpoint.

For those measuring the runs, a timer and a combo counter are in the upper left corner of the screen. If you are curious how you stack up against others, you get ranked for your performance and placed on the online leaderboard. There are five worlds throughout the campaign that vary in length, which I found a bit bothersome. I find that worlds of the same length works better for the audience so they can experience each world equally.


Overall, Mystic Melee seems like a perfect fit for a wide demographic. It’s for the people who enjoy games like Duck Game and TowerFall, but it’s also for those who get pleasure from speedrunning fast games with technical jumps. If one of those isn’t of strong appeal, maybe the other will be successful at persuading you. Either way, I feel that Mystic Melee is a worthwhile game purchase.

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Mystic Melee Mystic Melee is a wonderful experience for both the solo and multiplayer game night. It's perfect for speedrunners and party gamers. The artwork, soundtrack and theme of the game all work so well together, it is nothing short of a masterpiece. There are some hiccups throughout the game but not so damaging as this deserves a 4.5/5.

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