The new Animal Crossing game for mobile phone released on November 21, 2017. It’s the first mobile game for the series and the fourth one officially published by Nintendo. I’m a big Animal Crossing fan so the release of its first mobile game is of interest to me as for how it does over time. So far, on its first few days of release, it has won me over, among many other players.

The game introduces a campsite where the player hosts animals staying over there by attracting them with various types of furniture and upgrades. For the first time, players own a van which they can also customize, upgrade and show off other belongings to visitors.

Animal Crossing: Pocket CampAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Following tradition, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has players doing all the activities we’ve always done, like decorating a living space and, catching fish and insects. The player does this at their animal friends’ requests. However, Nintendo added a few new features to this installment.

There are new items to make some activities easier. Honey is used to gather all kinds of bugs inside a tree trunk. Fishing nets have a similar use but for fish, of course. Fertilizer is used to rejuvenate an existing tree so it will spawn fruit quicker. The player gives an animal a request ticket if they want another request from them without a wait time.

Crafting has expanded in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Animals gift the player with crafting material, such as metal and cotton, so they can build their own furniture. This leads to spending less bells than normal on some pieces.

Though there are some pieces of furniture that require you to spend Leaf Tickets. The way Nintendo implemented this concept is a clever move on their part in that the player receives worthy rewards.

For 250 Leaf Tickets, they can purchase Tom Nook’s chair or K. K. Rider’s stool. When placing either in their campsite or van, the character will spawn and do their character action such as K. K. Rider’s guitar-playing. Considering this is a mobile game, it was a given that they would include micro transactions for purchase. These micro transactions are for Leaf Tickets, which the player can use at their discretion.

Pocket Camp gives this huge sense of productivity to the player, as expected with an Animal Crossing game. It’s nice to see that every activity provides a wait time to ensure a break. Traveling between one part of the map to the other also takes no time at all, now through warps. On the map, each animal’s request or lack thereof is viewable.

Another innovative feature is the ability to level up and even level up friendships with animals. Each level provides the player with gifts which keeps pushing the game further in its productivity value. It’s especially hard to achieve that sense in mobile games and Nintendo achieves that greatly here.

Other smaller activities involve interacting with friends. Mining is an option for obtaining more bells or various crafting materials. Rewards swap out every three hours. This is done with five other people or 20 Leaf Tickets. A theme revisited is that you can go to friends’ camps but now you can also buy items they have for sale.

Animal Crossing is still quirky and fun whether it’s in regards to dialogue, characters, collectivist values, decorations or locations. It’s the perfect mobile game for all ages especially with this holiday season allowing for plenty of free time.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

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Traditional Animal Crossing on Mobile Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the perfect game for mobile devices. It gives the player a great sense of productivity and still engaging while on the go.

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