A Case of Distrust is your typical detective game where the goal is to solve mysteries by gathering as much information and evidence as possible. It plays as a point-and-click type of game set in the early 1900s. An important side note; this is a short spoiler-free review of the A Case of Distrust.

You are the protagonist investigating different issues and trying to convince others of your argument. The game starts you off with convincing your cat that there is no food available in your house. I wish the whole game played off of this and added more silliness throughout.

This game gives the player additional freedoms, such as having the player choose their responses to others and what they want to discuss. It is my belief that you have to choose wisely or you won’t get as much information as you’d like to proceed. Though I haven’t tested this theory out too much.

The soundtrack is the type of music you’d normally hear in a mystery game. It’s looming and calming. The art style emphasizes shadows which I fittingly associate with the mysteriousness the game implies.


My most notable criticism is that there needs to be more captivating dialogue. I need something to draw me into what the characters are saying, or the narrative. During gameplay, it feels like a constant info dump and I don’t appreciate it. There should be humor or something to change the tone or pace of the game, instead, it’s the same mood the whole time.

I’m about two hours in and I’m interested in where the game goes from here. Though I will say that, at this point, I still think the most captivating moment was convincing my cat that I had no food for them. 

A Case of Distrust was provided to BentoByte by the publisher for free, for the sake of this review.

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An Interesting Investigative Visual Novel A Case of Distrust contains cases that make you care about the characters and situations but at times, although at time lacks captivating dialogue and details.

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