On January 26, 2018, Chainsawesome Games held an event for an updated alpha version of Aftercharge on Steam for 12 hours. I had the privilege to be apart of this event, so I streamed it and have a follow up gameplay video you can view here.

In the test run of the game, the only accessible features were online and customizing the playable characters. In online, only one game mode was available with Enforcers vs. Workonics and had only one level available for play.


In each match of Enforcers vs. Workonics you play as (surprise!) either an Enforcer or a Workonic. You can choose among four play styles for each side but only one play style can be chosen per game. No two players can have the same style.

On the Enforcer side, the goal is to protect charging stations from the Workonics. Each Enforcer is equipped with a different kind of gun which can be reloaded by standing around one of the stations.

While on the Workonic side, the players must destroy each station with their attacks. This team has an easier match ahead of them, as of the alpha. They have invisibility as long as they’re not attacking and can keep reviving one another until they reach their goal.

Both sides are enjoyable, though I had more fun playing as a Workonic than I did as an Enforcer. The players essentially get to play hide and seek while reviving one another the whole match. The Enforcers’ job consists of a high amount of labor since they are always on the lookout and the Workonics have a very low cooldown time for when they can be invisible again.


Chainsawesomegames is doing a great job with Aftercharge, so far. Even though it may just be a test map, the map in this alpha works well for the game. It has a nice art style and goes well with the luminescent guns. The audio also left an impression on me that I will only associate with this game. Chainsawesomegames is set to hold the next alpha event in March 2018. Currently, they are still receiving feedback in their discord and their surveys from this past event. If you’d like to find out more, you can go to their Twitter, Discord, and Steam.

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Great Game, Looking Forward to More Whether you're an Enforcer or a Workonic, you'll experience non-stop action.

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