At this point I’m sure you have surmised that we attend a lot of cons and take a lot of photos. This time around we attended Katsucon 2018 in National Harbor in Maryland (in the DC area). So we decided that this con was going to be no different so without further ado. Here is our first Katsucon 2018 cosplay album. If you one of the cosplayers below, feel free to contact us about getting a high res copy of the image.

We also will be posting the individual Feudal Sailor Scouts in the later post (so those aren’t finalized yet but will go up, we promise).

bentobyte-katsucon-2018-2 bentobyte-katsucon-2018-7-2 bentobyte-katsucon-2018-1 bentobyte-katsucon-2018-1 bentobyte-katsucon-2018-1

The next album will be posted soon so stay tuned!

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