On Toonami’s social media sites and main site, came the release of a new trailer for the upcoming season of FLCL (season two is called FLCL: Progressive). Not only were we given a new trailer (that can be seen below), we also have been given a time frame of when to expect the show to air. FLCL: Progressive is expected to see a release in June and FLCL: Alternative (the third season) will have its release in September.

FLCL Trailer

FLCL : Progressive is coming to Toonami in June, and FLCL : Alternative is coming in September. We are super excited and hope you are too!! Check out the combo trailer for both new seasons including some new music by the pillows.

Posted by Toonami on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

It was already confirmed, however, Toonami reiterated that the popular band The Pillows will be reprising their role as writing the music for the show. And as a huge fan of their music myself, I couldn’t me more excited.

flcl season 2 haruko new outfit bentobyte

Additionally, we were given a preview of Haruko sporting her latest look. Of which I’m sure some cosplayers have already begun formulating plans on how to build said outfit, and I welcome it wholeheartedly.

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