Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery was released by Jam City, Inc. and Warner Bros. for mobile devices on April 25, 2018. On the Google Play store, the game has already earned over 760,000 downloads. It has largely been a success thus far.

The game is focused on your avatar seeking to discover the truth about their brother within Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. To start off your experience, you meet a friendly character named Rowan (gender pending on which gender you’ve chosen for your character). Rowan is your default friend who will always be there to help you. You’ll need it because Merula from Slytherin House bullies you throughout the game even if you are a Slytherin.


You choose which house you want to be in by comparing the characteristics between the four houses. For my playthrough, I chose Hufflepuff as the traits are dedicated and loyal. This is the house composed of witches and wizards who deeply care about others.

Soon, you learn that you are entering Hogwarts a few years before Harry Potter and company do. Though you do meet a few of his acquaintances, such as Nymphadora Tonks and Bill and Charlie Weasley. Of course, many of our beloved professors are also at Hogwarts. Surprisingly, Snape is even more brutal in this game compared to the original lore.

The insults and dialogue in general are enough to warrant a playthrough of Hogwarts Mystery. The gameplay is the typical free-to-play structure where you perform a few actions and then must wait a few hours for a recharge to play again. At times, this can be disturbing like when you must fight off vines that are choking you but you can’t save yourself yet because you ran out of energy.

Occasionally, when performing actions you’ll receive rewards. These range from currency such as coins and gems or energy for skills which include knowledge, empathy and courage. The currency affords you clothes, hairstyles and more energy. The skills acquired allow you to select certain responses at different times. When performing those actions, sometimes a minigame appears where you must trace an outline on the screen, answer trivia, or tap a circle at the right time.

The way Hogwarts Mystery turned out wasn’t what I expected. I was hoping I’d have the option to manually move my character around and there would be more interactivity throughout. For what it is though, I can still say I am satisfied with the product. We are given several “years” in Hogwarts with a real intriguing story despite other areas lacking in content.

The score is nice enough to listen to, as it is calming orchestrated music. The graphics are good for a ,mobile game but I did expect more from the characters’ movements. Their mouths don’t move at all when speaking making them look silly.

Overall, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a successful mobile game. It immerses players into the story, allowing them to choose how conversations should be directed. The game doesn’t have the fun or interesting mini-games I was hoping for though, which does tear it at the seams.


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Your Exclusive Harry Potter Experience is Here Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is an enjoyable mobile game. Through all the waiting, almost dying, backhanded comments, and Slytherin House, this game is worth it.

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