Imperfect Girl is back! Volume 2 continues to be vague and take a while to tell its story. Volume 2 starts off with the Narrator still held captive by U for the whole time we are with him.

One of the days when U is at school, the Narrator escapes the closet to investigate the house for food but finds clues instead. Surprisingly, there is no food at the residence. The Narrator begins theorizing that U must have been abandoned by her parents and now lives alone. This is to the point where she can’t even make or buy her own food.

He eventually concocts a plan to get U to leave so he can continue to search the house. The Narrator offers U money to use for the purchase of food. This leads nowhere for the Narrator as he soon figures out that he has no idea the amount of time it will take for U to get home. Though, in that time, the Narrator becomes increasingly surprised by U’s cooperative actions. When she returns, he offers her the food she retrieved because he concludes she must be starving.

With all this accomplished, the Narrator sets a goal to discover the mystery behind U. Where are her parents? What happened to them? Why does she keep the Narrator in her home like this? Is it because she’s lonely or is there something deeper?

Overall, this volume was decent. It sets up for the third volume so it’s difficult to judge this one without knowing how it all plays into the conclusion of the narrative. We learned a few things about U but it still feels like very little and I’m afraid that we’re going to leave this without knowing so much about her.

Truthfully, we don’t even know much about the Narrator either. It would be nice to see more character depth and development so I can feel for these characters. Really, what drives me to this story is that the focal point is a single secluded space and the Narrator is forced to fight demons within himself to keep sane.

Find the answers to the mystery in the next volume either by my review or pick up the manga yourself! See you then for the last entry of Imperfect Girl. NISIOISIN

Illustrator: Mitsuru Hattori

Publisher: Vertical Comics

Release Date: January 9 2018

MSRP: $12.95 USD

Disclaimer: A copy of  Imperfect Girl Volume 2 was provided to BentoByte by the publisher for the purpose of review.


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The Volume of Anticipation The second entry to the Imperfect Girl volume trilogy doesn't take any risks, It raises more questions while still being vague as we anxiously wait for the conclusion.

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