Anime Day Orlando happens in September every year.  Sometimes this event happens multiple times in fact.  As a smaller event that only lasts for one day and has a more laid back atmosphere. I attended last year and decided to return once again for Anime Day Orlando 2018.

Last year, there was a high concentration of Dangonronpa cosplayers thanks to the featured panel.  This time around there was much greater focus on My Hero Academia.  This should be no surprise, given the popularity of the series. At Megacon Orlando, My Hero Academia was just as popular.

However the other huge focus at Anime Day 2018 was Pokemon, most notably Pokemon Go.  The reason for this was due to the event that happened to coincide with Anime Day.  I’ll talk more about that in a moment. First I want to fully flesh out the different venues available at the event.

The Venue

Anime Day is much smaller than most conventions.  For this reason, I recommend those who have not been to one of the larger events to seek out something comparable to Anime Day if they want to experience an event with smaller crowds before diving into a large one. There were three rooms for major events and plenty of people gathered in the hallway of the Wyndam Resort on International Drive where the event took place.

In the main room stood the sale floor.  Plenty of vendors were present with art, manga, and anime all for sale.  In addition, just like in the prior event I attended, there was an entire section dedicated to fighting video games. However, I did not take part in these games as I had panels I wanted to attend.

The second of the three rooms was for viewing Anime.  I imagine there might have been a few panels in here as well.  However, I did not stay long in this part of the event since most of my efforts were focused on the sales floor and panel room. I imagine that the main purpose of the viewing room is a quiet atmosphere.  This is incredibly important given the family friendly nature of Anime Day.

All About Pokemon

The last room, and the one I spent the most time in was the panel room.  Notably there was a trivia event involving all things Pokemon.  I attended this very same panel again.  The year prior, I demonstrated my Pokemon knowledge by winning almost every prize in the trivia. This year, I had some competition.  Still, by the end, I had won enough prizes that I started giving what I won to others in the crowd since I had run out of things to get for myself.

The Pokemon fun did not stop there though.  Remember how I mentioned earlier that there was a Pokemon Go event happening during Anime Day?  Soon after the panel was finished, a group gathered in the hallway and we set out to participate. With a fairly large group of Pokemon Go players who all were attending Anime Day, we set out to capture legendary birds.  Specifically, the prize we all eyed was a shiny Moltres.  The fact that Pokemon Go happened during Anime Day felt like it added to the event as well.

Here are some of the photos I took at the event:

Keep Calm and Praise The Sun

Shadow Futaba Returns to Learn About Socialization

Simon Continues to Make Kamina Proud

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