This year’s animated version of The Grinch is a new take on the animated classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas from 1966. The movie is adapted by the producers of Despicable Me over at Illumination.

The Grinch stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Grinch, Cameron Seely as the cute Cindy-Lou Who, Rashida Jones as her mother, Donna Who, and Pharrell Williams as the Narrator. The 2018 addition to the franchise takes on the movie in beautifully crafted CGI animation.

Grinch looking over the town

Every character is visually appealing and details are intricate as to see individual hairs coming off of their heads. As always with the Dr. Seuss series, there is a certain astonishingly methodical sequence to the occurrence of events.

The story follows the basic outline of past Grinch plotlines but with a new take on it as Illumination changed some details, of course. Grinch walks into town and meets a fellow who’s very cheery about Christmas named Mr. Brickelbaum played by Kenan and Kel’s Kenan Thompson. Hilariously, he persists upon ensuring Grinch has a merry Christmas though Grinch denies him every time.

As Grinch searches for reindeer, he stumbles upon what seems to be a bison that he brings along in his quest to steal Christmas. Soon after,the bison finds his family and Grinch generously allows him to depart. This is one of the many comical moments Grinch shares with his animal friends.

Grinch playing chess with Max

In this adaptation, Cindy-Lou receives asks for help from friends in a distasteful scene with characters who never actually offer aid. When they meet up to engage their game plan, the Who-children Power Walk down to the Christmas tree and then are humorously interrupted by their parents calling them inside.

Another difference is instead of visiting Cindy Lou’s house first, the Grinch visits it last with the traditional events following up. Once here turns the presents and Christmas decorations to the citizens of Whoville, Cindy-Lou invites him to her house for dinner. While I enjoyed how wholesome and loving Grinch became, it’s overdone. It gets to the point where as the audience we yell “okay, we get it!”

The soundtrack is updated from the past films but with the same lyrics for all the songs. The sound quality is noticeably enhanced and the orchestra pieces give even more of a feeling of togetherness. Group singing was highlighted even more in this version than in the past ones, possibly attempting to set the bar higher.

Overall, The Grinch is a wonderful feel-good movie for the holiday season. All ages will enjoy it as some parts are clever while others are cute. It was rare where I wasn’t smiling at something wholesome or adorable. When I reached the end of the film, I had to hold myself back from tearing up.

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A Great Reboot of the 1966 Classic Overall, The Grinch is a wonderful feel-good movie for the holiday season. All ages will enjoy it as some parts are clever while others are cute.

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