Season One of Goblin Slayer has come to an end. Many controversies surround this Anime and this will be one of the only times I mention them. Since they are so numerous, I will focus instead on talking about my personal thoughts on this Dark Fantasy Show.

Goblin Slayer starts strong and does not pull any punches. The first episode shows a fantastic dynamic between a high fantasy setting and a dark fantasy one in a very powerful way. I was impressed by episode one by such a dramatic degree that I knew I would finish this show no matter how the rest played out.

Goblin Slayer was not a disappointment at any part of its first season’s run. A dark a grisly reality paved with a character driven plot is a recipe for success in my opinion. Filled with greedy adventurers, horrifying monsters, and characters that draw you to them almost immediately, this show has a little of everything. However, what makes this most impressive is the fact that none of the characters have names. Simple titles reflective of race and profession are the only labels given.

The Good:

The main character, Goblin Slayer is a flawed and dynamic character that kept me invested. Many viewers of Anime seem to like the goody good hero and I have never understood this fascination. Instead, I am a sucker for flawed characters who do what they believe is right. This especially is compelling to me when those choices are viewed with either disdain or outright hostility by other characters.

Hunting Goblins is viewed in both this show and in Dungeons and Dragons, where much of the narrative is drawn from to be a pointless endeavor. Yet, this show breathed new life into this normally weak enemy. By showcasing the cost of ignoring Goblins, the story creates most of its conflict.

The supporting characters are well written as well. Goblin Slayer’s party is all fleshed out characters as well. One of the keys of Dark Fantasy in general is creating a horrific atmosphere that keeps the reader caring. If the cast in Goblin Slayer was not compelling, then the story would have failed.

Goblin Slayer deals with some difficult themes. This show is not for everyone and the warnings before each episode showcase that properly. The art style allows for the gruesome scenes that have made this Anime (in)famous. I won’t get into the nitty gritty details though. That is for you the viewer to experience.

The Meh:

Goblin Slayer’s Opening is fantastic and gets me excited for every single episode. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the rest of the soundtrack. I do not remember any of the songs that play in the Anime itself. This is both a good and bad thing of course since it also means none of the songs are awful. But considering that non lyrical music is my preferred genre, it is still something I am keeping in mind.

The other problem I have with Goblin Slayer is extended to Anime in general. I have never been a fan of fan service scenes for the sake of fan service. This aspect turned me off to Fate Grand Order for example. In Goblin Slayer though, some of said scenes detract from the overall story. I feel that those scenes being removed would make Goblin Slayer a better show.


All in all though, the flaws are minimal and do not take away from my enjoyment of this Anime. If you can make it past all the horrific things that occur within the story, you will find a rewarding narrative that deals with some important issues. Fear not for those who have completed the first season, for Goblin Slayer will return.

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Goblin Slayer Slaughters its way to Excellence This show is off to a fantastic start. Some will claim that the first episode is bait to some other story that takes over the rest of the show, however I disagree. Goblin Slayer has a premise that has stuck with me since the moment I first watched it and will continue to do so. The music is really the only forgettable feature of an unforgettable show.
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